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Peti says, "I like all people. They taste like chicken!"

Peti's mom was an "Aussie," and his father was whoever ran across the golf course that day. Peti is 85 pounds with pale blue eyes and very large teeth. Peti loves all dogs, pays no attention to cats, and bites about all the people he can. Peti's best friends are a white, mentally-challenged Boxer with no teeth named Nakita and a three pound Dachshund named Emily (alias Co-co). Peti's hobbies are: licking himself, taking naps, laying on the good furniture, begging food, drinking from the big white bowl, eating crayons, and on occasions taking a little taste of people.

Peti likes to hide in our ads. If you can find him, click on him to win a free $500 AHS Home Warranty for the next home you buy or sell through us.

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